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Double D's logoA staple of summer, the old fashion ice cream shop, comes to life in Manson on Main Street thanks to the entrepreneurship of local go-to guys. What started as a joke between Dave Anderson, Manson Mayor, and Drew Samuelson, Manson Director of Public Works, has resulted in the newest Manson business, Double D’s Ice Cream Company.

Their conversation about the lack of soft serve ice cream in the community resulted in these two city leaders each purchasing a soft serve ice cream machine one evening. Mayor Anderson explained, “We figured if it didn’t work out, we would each end up with a soft serve machine, so not all bad.”

Within a few days the location for Double D’s Ice Cream Company was finalized and the work to clean up the space, paint the space and create the right environment for serving ice cream became reality. The location, 907 Main Street, has a history as an ice cream shop and new life and sweets once again occupies the space.

“The staff is led by Madison Samuelson, she works the schedule, trains everyone and really keeps everything going,” shared the mayor.

“The response from the community is overwhelming,” explained Madison. “It’s really crazy the support from the people. Everyone loves ice cream, and they are proving that to us. Our Facebook page is just a few weeks old, yet we have more than 1,527 followers!”

Child eating ice cream outside Double D's Ice Cream Co.On June 7, 2024, the Double D’s Ice Cream Company team hosted a “soft” opening, a way to train the staff and get some feedback from a few of the participants. “We received word from those at the soft opening that the ice cream was really good, so we were onto a full opening,” brags Mayor Anderson.

Double D’s Ice Cream Company is open seven days a week, from 3:00 to 8:00 pm.  This establishment is cash-only, so come to visit prepared.

“We anticipate extended hours during Crater Days to meet the demand from attendees to our city festival,” Drew stated. “We want to meet the needs and wants of the customers, and we may add some more menu items.”

Currently ice cream lovers can order cones (cake & waffle), shakes, malts, sundaes and the “Crater” - Double D’s version of a cup of ice cream with mix-ins. The Butterfinger Crater is a favorite of Mayor Anderson.

In the future, the hosts hope to add a dairy-free ice cream option and new flavors beyond the current vanilla, chocolate and twist options.

The love of ice cream is not limited to people, “pup cups” are available at Double D’s thanks to a partnership with “Dog Snob Treats” of Manson.

Craving ice cream yet? Check out The Double D’s Ice Cream Company on your next visit to Manson.  

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