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Calhoun County, Iowa

If life seems better when you’re boating, you’re right. Just viewing the water can make you feel happier. As you feel the sun on your face and hear the gentle splashes against your boat, canoe or kayak, it’s easy to feel a sense of awe. 

Calhoun County’s lakes and river make it easy to connect with nature and leave all your worries behind. Twin Lakes offers a prime destination for motorboating, waterskiing, jet skiing, sailing your sailboat, canoeing, kayaking, fishing and tubing. 

What’s tubing, you ask? Feel the thrill of skimming across the water while being pulled on an inflatable, doughnut-shaped tube behind a boat. Want to take life at a slower pace? Simply float on the water in your tube. 

While you’re at Twin Lakes, stop by the recently remodeled Twin Lakes Grocery. This gem has served Twin Lakes for generations, offering hot meals, cool treats and a convenient place to fill up with marine fuel. “As a kid, I remember driving a 6-horsepower fishing boat up to Twin Lakes Grocery on a Friday night to get a cheeseburger with my brother,” said Mike Murphy, who purchased Twin Lakes Grocery in 2019. “There are so many great memories here.” 

Murphy, who owns the Ankeny-based construction company Powerhouse Retail Services, has been updating Twin Lakes Grocery to include two stories that include a bar, expanded kitchen, indoor dining area and outdoor patio facing North Twin Lake. “I look forward to continuing the great tradition of the Twin Lakes Grocery,” Murphy said. 

He also encourages you to join the Twin Lakes float-ins that take place every weekend all summer. Everyone is welcome to pull up at the dock that’s hosting the float-in and enjoy the live music. Check Twin Lakes’ Facebook page for more details. 

If lake living isn’t your style, perhaps you’d prefer to canoe or kayak down the Raccoon River. Get your camera ready to capture the historic 1914 Rainbow Bridge with its three spectacular arches spanning the water. 

No matter where you cruise Calhoun County by boat, get ready to relax and enjoy a new adventure each time. 

written by Darcy Maulsby
published Tuesday, March 9, 2021

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